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Basic Group

This plan is best for traders who have smaller accounts and are happy with small gains.

$̶1̶2̶0̶  $60/- Monthly.

$̶3̶2̶5̶  $160 Quarterly                     

Daily 2 to 3 Intraday Trade Setups
(for Spot market)
Full Service & Support on Trades
Risk Management Tips & Market Alert

VIP Group

Our VIP plan is for serious traders who want to get VIP attention and receive trades with big targets. 

$̶2̶0̶0̶ $100 Monthly.

$̶5̶4̶0̶ $270 Quarterly                     

Daily 5 to 7 Intraday Trade Setups (Future & Spot)
Scalp Trade Signals
Full Service & Support on Trades
Risk Management Tips & Market Alert.
VIP Plan Extra features:
Positional Trades.(
medium to long term)
Group Mentorship (one Hour/Month)
Direct messaging with lead analyst
Technical analysis learning tips. 

Free Group

Free plan is for those who are skeptical about us, and want to know more about our accuracy.

$ 0.00/-

Intraday Trade Updates
Few Signals for the Trial
Learn and Earn to pay for the VIP plan

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